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Australia provides education to many overseas students. There are colleges and universities all around Australia providing courses to international students. Students may come to Australia to learn English, attend primary/secondary school, and university.

For private international students, there are six type of relevant student visas:

  1. ELICOS – English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students,
  2. Primary & Secondary School sector,
  3. Vocational Education & Training sector,
  4. Higher Education (University),
  5. Postgraduate Research sector, and
  6. Student Guardian.



Vocational education is mostly for:

  1. preparation for work in trades, for example mechanic, carpenter or electrician, or
  2. preparation or path way to higher education, for example diploma in accounting, diploma in management.

Students on a Vocational Education visa may:

  1. extend their visa to continue vocational education,
  2. obtain a higher education visa to commence higher education, or
  3. if their qualification is on the Skilled Occupation List, obtain a 'graduate skilled' visa, allowing a holder to live and work in Australia for 18 months.

Of course, these options are subject to requirements. We provide advice by evaluating what your best option, and whether you are likely to meet the requirements.



Universities often have English language requirements. The standard assessment is the IELTS test. Requirements vary depending on the university and difficulty of the course. Overseas students can bundle courses, for example study English for 1 year before commencing a Bachelors degree.

Higher education students may move on to postgraduate learning upon completion of their course. They may also apply for certain skilled visas.



There are significant costs involved when studying in Australia. Prospective students must consider:

  1. tuition fees,
  2. general living costs,
  3. Insurance costs, and
  4. airfares.

Applicants may need to show they have enough funds to cover all the above costs for 1 or 2 years upfront. This would usually be a bank statement showing the required balance. Alternatively, the applicant could show assets which are readily transferable to cash. Applicants may be supported by family members, for example parents, grand parents, uncle/aunt.



Student Visa holders,

  1. may work up to 40 hours per fortnight,
  2. during breaks may work unrestricted hours.



As migration agent we may:

  1. assess you in detail against all requirements, for example financial, English, genuiness, 
  2. assist in finding a course at a college/university which suits your needs,
  3. prepare and submit enrolment application,
  4. prepare and submit visa application;
  5. advise on most suitable visa,
  6. advise on future visas and possible path to permanent residency.

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