Visitor Visa

Visitor visas allow people to visit Australia for holiday and recreational purposes. Periods of stay are usually 3, 6 or 12 months. This depends on the purpose of the holiday, i.e. visiting family or purely tourism. This also depends on the applicants circumstances. 

Immigration is conscious about the potential of people using this visa to be used as a means of entry to Australia for other purpose than visiting. For example, once inside, visa holders may work, live and remain illegally in Australia. This is referred to as a non-genuine applicant, as the persons intention was not to visit but to work or live in Australia.

For those reasons, applications are tested for genuineness. In considering 'genuineness' Immigration considers factors such as the applicants:

  1. country of residence,
  2. number of family members in the home country as oppose to the number of family members in Austalia;
  3. financial circumstance, and
  4. employment in home country.

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